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Monday, October 22, 2012

Your brain on Martha

There is an awesome article in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. It is called, "this is your brain on crafts".

Much of the article quotes Robert Maurer, a psychologist who studies creativity. To summarize, crafting is really good for us. The act of crafting reduces anxiety, depression, and stress by stimulating your midbrain. It activates a pleasure center in the brain making us feel happy, quiet and peaceful. Giving away the handmade project also lights up a pleasure center in the brain and releases the happiness-producing neurotransmitter dopamine. But you don't even have to finish the project. Just the process of making with your hands is healing and healthy. But of course, dear crafty readers, you know this.
So go grab Martha's mag and make one of those yummy pies while you're at it. (cooking is another good-for-you handmade task :) ).

1 comment:

  1. I knew it had to be! Good for you that is, it feels so good! Nice to have the validation right?! ;)
    BYW Classmate